Corporate Lease Lawyers in NYC

Focus Matters

Commercial real estate legal transactions are our focus, and we think that matters to our clients.  Our experience is both wide and deep, and working with Gaul Law P.C. means the confusing and overwhelming become manageable choices leading to a successful real estate closing.

Leasing Commercial Real Estate

We assist tenants and most* landlords with commercial real estate leases for office and retail spaces, restaurants, lab/R&D spaces, and industrial/warehouse spaces. Gaul Law P.C. also helps franchise owners negotiate leases than work for them and comply with franchise documents.  Attorneys of Gaul Law P.C. particularly love leases for enclosed malls, including the Palisades Center in West Nyack, New York.

Buying and Selling Commercial Real Estate

Gaul Law P.C. regularly represents clients in the purchase and sale of commercial real estate as well as small businesses. We also work with owners on easements and other agreements for real estate used for non-residential purposes.

Lending and Borrowing

We represent borrowers as well as lenders in connection with financing transactions secured by commercial real estate.  We also assist clients with financing secured by their small businesses, whether for a purchase money loan or the financing of an ongoing business.

Buying and Selling Businesses 

Buying and selling small and medium-sized businesses can be a tricky thing when it comes to the real estate involved. We help buyers and sellers document their entire transaction, and we especially help buyers make sure they get the benefit of the real estate, whether it's owned or leased.  Gaul Law P.C. can assist corporate counsel with the real estate components of any M&A transaction.  

Business Contracts

We assist business owners with contracts for various aspects of their businesses, from sales/commission agreements to non-disclosure agreements to property management agreements and more.  


The attorneys of Gaul Law P.C. have a lot of experience with non-profits, and subject to availability, we are interested in helping non-profits with their commercial real estate needs on a pro bono or reduced-fee basis.

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