Commercial Real Estate is Our Focus

Commercial real estate is what we do and that matters to our clients.  Having a firm and practice centered around commercial real estate means we understand where the market is and where it’s going, and we understand what matters now and what will matter down the road.

Big Firm Experience, Big Tenant Representation

With over 15 years experience, our attorneys have been trained by some of the biggest law firms in the world and have seen transactions running from the very large (skyscrapers) to the small (Main Street).   Our attorneys also know what the big tenants get when they negotiate their leases.

Commercial-Real-Estate-Tenant Commercial-Real-Small-Business

Small Business Deserves Experienced Counsel

The term “small business” is irksome to us at Gaul Law P.C. because a business is not small to those that own and run it.  Over the years, we’ve worked with so many small businesses that we decided to focus on them.  From formation and start up to operational questions to exiting and termination , small businesses deserve experienced counsel who know how to cost-effectively assist in all manner of matters facing small businesses.

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